CUT THE NOISE &TAP In to Marketing, People & Culture, Performance Coaching, Finance & Legal today.

We know what it takes to be apart of the 22% of Successful Small Businesses in Australia. TAP In Project provides access to all of the things small biz needs to not only survive but to thrive in this fast New Purpose driven Economy.

Our Mission

Small businesses are then engine rooms of not only our economy but our community. It is our mission to empower them by providing affordable products & Services that give them access to the resources that make businesses successful.

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Our Services

TAP In Is a full service solution created to enable businesses to be successful.

Through 20 years of research and data we know what successful businesses do differently and we understand what constitutes an 8% gap between high and mid performers alone!

TAP In gives small to medium businesses access to Marketing, HR/People & Culture, Performance Coaching, Finance, Leadership, Process & Success hacks. The founders have been working with small to mediums for over 36 years combined and have now come together to share the best of their knowledge, resources and suppliers to create better businesses for greater communities.

However, TAP In also stands for something MUCH greater! It is about Community and Purpose. In this spirit TAP In also facilitates 2 amazing programs.

The Atlas Program: A Networking, Events and Leadership Lifestyle Community, &

The Athena Program: A Program that enables a business a continual improvement performance solution through modular workshops and digital content.

Through these programs small business doesn't have to choose what are the essential parts they can implement and afford - they can now access essential quality services, products and knowledge through a focused and trusted Ambassador community.


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The Team

Hi we are Bec Easton & Patty Duque and together we are the founders of TAP In Project

With over 36 years of combined experience across law, sales, marketing, change management, HR, leadership & mindset coaching we have seen the best and worst of it. We have spent this time researching, training and collecting all the best resources to make them accessible for you.

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Our Programs

The Athena Program - Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law & justice, strategic warfare, metrics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts & skill.

Through 20 years of research and data we know that Athena perfectly represents everything a business needs for continual improvement and success and we discovered once we brought these factors together we had something very powerful to use as a high performance program not only for small business but for greater communities.

The Atlas Program - Atlas holds the world on his shoulders. He signifies strength, endurance, support and connectivity.

With a balanced approach to mindset, lifestyle and greater networks, Atlas brings communities together through events, leadership and mindset workshops all the while enriching communities to prosper.

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With easy to implement resources, small business can either use TAP In Projects for D.I.Y HR solutions and direction or alternatively retain our services on a month to month basis. HR Services are also offered through The Athena Program for smaller budgets that need to capitalise on scale of economy.


From Coaching to Workshops to implementable strategies. We have you covered on the Performance front. As licenced Coaches and Integro DiSC accredited professionals, we can get your team on the right path to success through development.


Getting a Strategy together & buy-in from the team are equally challenging. Understanding where the gaps are in the business are the first step to defining the best course to follow. Through 20 years of research, the key elements of high performing businesses have been identified. Our in depth benchmarking tools we can help you pinpoint focus areas within your business and then get the team aligned to get your biz on track to be apart of the high performing 22%.


An area that is becoming harder and harder to navigate, should also be aligned to the strategy and through the RIGHT suppliers. But who are they? Let us help you connect the dots from Strategy, to the Suppliers and most importantly to your ideal customers, to ensure your success.

Our Intention

Together we have come together to change not only the odds for sml biz to succeed but to help small biz communities prosper. We believe sml biz can change the world as they are the heart of innovation and social purpose. However when we went looking for ethical, accessible suppliers for this group we found a lot of things on offer that weren’t worth their cop, and mostly contribute to the failure. Well we are here to do something about it!

So TAP In arrived and came with Intention:

To “Cut The Noise” - with laser focused information and quality products and services that get businesses off the ground and continually improving at every stage of their lifespan.

& To “Walk The Talk”. If we wouldn’t use it or do it - we won’t offer it! We believe in quality and taking action. Its not about providing a whole heap of info and then taking someones money and good-luck. Through our Programs businesses not only get the info, they do the activities, access the services and create the content to use in their business.

Need a tailored solution?

For HR, Marketing, Performance Coaching, Strategy benchmarking and anything Biz Performance related. Get in touch to find out how we can get your Biz Performance humming.

Got to get With the Program?

Need all there is to know in Biz across Legals, Finance, Marketing, HR & Performance Coaching but need it in a budget driven modular format? Click to Find out more about The Athena Program.

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Community & Lifestyle please!

Wanting Support, Networks, Mindset hacks, Lifestyle options, Fearless events and basic Personal Development. TAP In below to find out more about The Atlas Program.

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