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About TAPin

Our Intention

Together we have come together to change not only the odds for sml biz to succeed but to help small biz communities prosper. We believe sml biz can change the world as they are the heart of innovation and social purpose. However when we went looking for ethical, accessible suppliers for this group we found a lot of things on offer that weren’t worth their cop, and mostly contribute to the failure. Well we are here to do something about it!

So TAP In arrived and came with Intention:

To “Cut The Noise” - with laser focused information and quality products and services that get businesses off the ground and continually improving at every stage of their lifespan.

& To “Walk The Talk”. If we wouldn’t use it or do it - we won’t offer it! We believe in quality and taking action. Its not about providing a whole heap of info and then taking someones money and good-luck. Through our Programs businesses not only get the info, they do the activities, access the services and create the content to use in their business.

About Us


Hi, we are Bec Easton & Patty Duque, and we are the founders of TAP in. 

We have over 36 years of combined experience across Sales, Marketing, HR, Change Management, Leadership & Coaching.

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