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What Can A Star Do For Your Workplace?

Written by Bec

 The STAR Workplace Program understands that measuring satisfaction of employees is only the top of the iceberg when it comes to people performance; in fact, research from MITsloan Business School indicates that it is only 25% of what really counts.

The STAR Workplace Program measures more than just satisfaction, it also covers:

Employee Alignment

Employee Commitment

Employee Loyalty

Employee Performance

Benchmarking these key drivers against the Strategic Action Model™ and Industry standards allows businesses to see the full picture of people performance and alignment within their business - not just the tip of the iceberg!

The STAR Workplace Program has been used since 2008 to survey thousands of workers across all industries and organisation sizes

It is often the first step in providing clarity around how to be a high performance team and what that actually looks like for your business to move forward. 

TAP In Project can assist your business with all of its HR and Benchmarking needs under the HR Coach Licence.