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Four Little Words That Made My Day

Written by Bec

It’s been a whirlwind month to say the least, pounding the pavement to numerous networking events, to speakers lament, to board meeting, client meeting, get the website updates completed, finalise contracts, put out fires, retain a good client’s top employee from walking out the door and all the while, one too many times, trying to remember if I took the marinated chicken out of the freezer so I can make an efficiently timed dinner before the whining kicks in. Oh yes, and it would just be lovely to sit at some point of the day!

In the weariness of the wrap up of the month, and a day that had almost brought me undone, I was listening to a podcast of Susie Moore (whilst multitasking) who revealed that she lived by a simple yet effective mantra. These four little words calmed and humbled me like a cup of hot chocolate by an open fire and a large comfy couch…. “Let it be easy!”

So simple and yet so very effective, like music to my ears, Susie had completely nailed it. Why is it we get so wrapped up in things? We love what we do and yet we get so caught up running to such a fast beat of a drum. We loose track of all time and space it seems.

It was within that moment that I realised I needed to take Susie’s advice, and my own for that matter. I most often tell clients and friends (often one in the same) how important the rule of three is. To just stop for a moment, take a breath and pace yourself.

By focusing on just a few things at a time, you will absolutely knock it out of the park and then all of the rest of that to do list - well sure it's not going anywhere! Just come back to it, with a calmer mind and you will get through it! most often a better result.

This simple revelation not only created space for a walk in the park that day and a read of a few chapters of a really good book, but also reiterates that if we just allow ourselves to be aware for just a moment or two our output actually gets better and we get some recharge!

We can start by determining if we are making it easy on ourselves or hard? And if it is the later, then we need to ask the question WHY? Followed by: is it absolutely necessary? Or consider: perhaps it’s just a habit fuelled by our own out of control momentum. And finally is it sustainable?

I’m all about minimising risk in business and being sustainable so I have to say that based on lean principles and “cutting out the fat” so to speak, it starts with breaking it down at the top and refocusing. It also needs to be adopted and streamed upwards from the bottom for a business to be successful, so this message is for everyone.

So in short, don’t fight it! “Let it be easy” and love what you do! If we all follow these four little words of wisdom we can actually deliver real quality and just as I discovered, it may make your day too!

Bec Easton, MBA (EntMgt) is an Australian Business Coach, writer and Co-Founder of TAP in project, with over 20 years of experience in industry. Please feel free to connect or leave a comment should you wish to TAP In to her weekly newsletter.