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If it’s all about the hustle, how do you smash your fear of selling?

Written by Bec
smash your fear of selling?

Okay so when it comes down to it, we are all voices in the crowd and we all have products and services among many. So it’s no wonder that the idea of getting out there each and every day to sell your wares, your team, or your offer can be down right gut wrenching. Not to mention you’ve just had a less than satisfying weekend of being a taxi driver for a "disenfranchised" teenager and a nagging Banshee for a thirteen year old who has decided showering is overrated! Yeah, sure I can put my best foot forward, cause I just know everyone out there wants to buy this!!

Well I have some great news because, 1. You are not alone and 2. Luckily it’s not about you! Yep there it is, you thought it was all about you and it was right there, in that moment that you got it seriously wrong. The minute you can just put your sometimes fragile, sometimes warrior ego aside and get back to remembering who may need you, well let's just say it’s amazing how easily things can fall into place.

So, I recently had a group of clients all in the same boat, they had resourced up, knew their products and services back to front, got the tickets, boarded the bus, and they had systematically starting shouting their messages out of the windows to the world and in full force when...........…Crickets!!

Often I have clients who are sliding over to the entrepreneurial world from a corporate landscape, or just have been busy juggling other things and ended up here. It really doesn’t matter how many degree’s you have acquired, or how many years of know how and knowledge you have experienced. With some things in life it’s all about balancing theory with practice and taking action.

And in this case it may surprise you to know that even the word “selling” has seemingly become a dirty word. Not sure why, as we all do it, perhaps more to the point, some worse than others.

So a top tip that I that I heard recently and fell in love and wanted to share with you is this... “become the Doctor”. That’s right, Doctors sell you all of the time, and most of us take on board what the Doctor says. They listen to our grumbles when we feel ill, check us out, make a diagnosis and well generally we even feel a little better before we’ve even left the room! But think about it. We’ve just spent sometimes up to an hour or so over our appointment time waiting to have a 10-minute consult, to only then be slammed with an $80 bill and a prescription of pills that we have to shell out another $20 for. Not only are we fine with that, we have also gratefully accepted that we have just been delivered the perfect up-sell!

So you see it’s only right to not mess with a formula that works folk’s. Get out there and hustle like a Doctor. Kill the fear by actually being of service to someone else. After all, it is all about the customer, without them there is no hustle. Study them, listen to them and find out what they need the most and then offer them an easy to swallow solution at a reasonable rate and they will keep on coming back. Remember if you aren’t in front of them, metaphorically or otherwise, you cannot help them and that’s what its all about. In a nutshell, if you want to hustle successfully, move beyond fear by getting out of your own head and become FEARLESS by thinking only of the customer and "be the Doctor". 

Bec Easton is a writer and Business Coach based in Brisbane, Australia. The Co-Founder of TAP in Project, she teaches clients how to be successful in business and life whilst connecting to a purposeful community.

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