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Our Programs

The Athena Program - Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law & justice, strategic warfare, metrics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts & skill.

Through 20 years of research and data we know that Athena perfectly represents everything a business needs for continual improvement and success and we discovered once we brought these factors together we had something very powerful to use as a high performance program not only for small business but for greater communities.

The Atlas Program - Atlas holds the world on his shoulders. He signifies strength, endurance, support and connectivity.

With a balanced approach to mindset, lifestyle and greater networks, Atlas brings communities together through events, leadership and mindset workshops all the while enriching communities to prosper.



With easy to implement resources, small business can either use TAP In Projects for D.I.Y HR solutions and direction or alternatively retain our services on a month to month basis. HR Services are also offered through The Athena Program for smaller budgets that need to capitalise on scale of economy.


From Coaching to Workshops to implementable strategies. We have you covered on the Performance front. As licenced Coaches and Integro DiSC accredited professionals, we can get your team on the right path to success through development.


Getting a Strategy together & buy-in from the team are equally challenging. Understanding where the gaps are in the business are the first step to defining the best course to follow. Through 20 years of research, the key elements of high performing businesses have been identified. Our in depth benchmarking tools we can help you pinpoint focus areas within your business and then get the team aligned to get your biz on track to be apart of the high performing 22%. 


An area that is becoming harder and harder to navigate, should also be aligned to the strategy and through the RIGHT suppliers. But who are they? Let us help you connect the dots from Strategy, to the Suppliers and most importantly to your ideal customers, to ensure your success.